Bottled Up by Bayaar Sharma

The window of the mind
Witnessed the frothy glitter
Of waves crashing in on the shore.
Breeze forced its shutters
Too close, blinded from further hope.
Hard luck, I told myself
Trying to stop my eyes from leaking.
My confidante, the breeze,
Its receptionist reeking.
What the eyes sought
Did never appear
My chance to prance lost too.
The others would have it, I wouldn’t.
The fact weighed in, drowned me deeper.
Rage for nothing bottled up and died, unheard.

About the Author

Bayaar Sharma

Bayaar Sharma is a student of literature at the Women’s Christian College, Chennai. She is an active participant in the local theatre and a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. She stumbled upon eFiction India while eavesdropping on a conversation between two of her friends.

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