Writs and Wits by Sheikha A

Writing is synonymous to liberation,
Writing can enthuse wild generations,
Writing is a fishing line with a hook and bait,
Writing is the punishment of the literate,
Writing is a stack of white paper and a pen waiting to be used,
Writing is spilt ink and wasted words of muse,
Writing is a mask sketched out to hide behind,
Writing can be a curse; writing can be a vice,
Writing is the voice ringing in your head burning to be heard,
Writing is the counter-opinion defined and demurred,
Writing is the blanket worn around the shoulders of the anonymous,
Writing is the lonely habits of the living posthumous,
Writing is happiness incurable,
Writing makes walking the world tolerable,
Writing is a moody marathon of the stooges,
Writing gives insanity excuses!

Illustration by Bijay Biswaal

About the Author

Sheikha A is a writer based in Pakistan. She loves to write and voice her opinion. Nothing more, nothing less

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