Dream Light by Sugandha Das

Dream light
Where does it fade?
Like old broken records
Like singers of yore
Like melodies in a storm
Is it not the saddest thing?
The death of a song…
Oh but look!
Here comes a tunnel of silence
Cheered by humming tracks.
This train will take you home
To a melody of laughter
To a happy reunion of smiles
And as you look upon your roof
Upon the dully glowing lamp
You will recognize it eternally
As your own dream light.


About the Author

Sugandha Das is a writer and poet by passion, and a travel executive by need. City life does not sit very well with her and the mountains are her first love, followed by sports. She publishes sporadically with online journals like the Viewspaper, Our Private Literature and VersenVerbs. She heard of eFiction India through fellow contributors and is happy to be able to voice her opinions here!

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