New Beginnings

The beginning of the new year is just another day. We wake up the same as we were the night before, maybe a little worse for wear from the revelries of the night before, and life goes on. That the calendar now says 2014 instead of 2013 doesn’t really mean a thing in the bigger scheme of things. But this year seems a little different. There is a lingering scent of change wafting in the wintry air around us. It is swirling into little gullies and big thoroughfares, and shimmying its way into the homes of urban and rural India alike.

People have found their voice. And many are raising it to be heard.

Words are being strung together in poetic revolution. Actions have joined those words and together, they project an urgency that we maybe haven’t seen in years. The youth has taken up colourful cudgels for causes that have gone unnoticed for as long as we can remember. The politicians are waving new pennants and promises of a purer tomorrow are floating around us, like rainbow bubbles waiting to be popped.

The beginning of this year is just another day, but it promises to be more than just another year. Won’t you join us and have your words heard too?

Richa Mehta

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