Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy is a story of romance and relationship. The cover page is beautiful and goes well with the story. The title, though it might not make us guess what the story is about, is well thought of and unique.

Sanya lives in the faraway country of London and is both ecstatic and nervous at the prospect of visiting Mumbai and putting up at her father’s childhood friend, Shantanu Sharma’s place. She has secretly harboured a childhood crush on Arth, one of the twin sons of Mr. Sharma.

But it is Ansh and not Arth who comes to pick her up from the airport once she lands in India, disheartening her spirit a little. All these years, her thoughts had centred around Arth, but gradually Sanya feels that Arth is not spending as much time with her as she would have liked him to.

The story is fast paced from the beginning, owing to the fact that this is a novella and not a full length novel, and I could feel some of the details missing.

Sanya is more than confused when her heart starts skipping a beat whenever she comes in contact with Ansh. And now instead of the sweet and polite Arth, it is the wild and flirty Ansh who sets Sanya’s heart on fire. But the confused Sanya , who on the one hand tries to light the spark between Arth and herself, is just afraid to admit that she is more than enamoured by Ansh now.

The language used is lucid, a few decorative words here and there wouldn’t have been a bad idea. The story seems to kindle a fire of love, and the resistive romance between the lead characters is sizzling – it makes the story all the more interesting and makes the readers crave for more.

Though the message behind the story is appealing — the unexpected always happens, love can even be found in a hopeless place — the ending is a little washed out.

A Novel by Sundari Venkataram

Ananya Dhawan
Features Editor

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