What is Wrong With You(th)?

It is indeed a redeeming factor that the young today, popularly known as Genex, are spirited and motivated in appropriate doses, rather than being quasi-spiritual and idealistic.

Rude as it may sound, anyone can be a Gautam Buddha, but not everyone can be a Michelangelo, Einstein or Russell. This is because spiritual realization is everybody’s birthright and needs no special talent that’s going to make the life of the young and lives of people around them a success story. All the MBAs, IIMs and professional courses are nothing but reflectors that show each incumbent his or her talent and sphere of excellence, be it in the sciences or arts. Spiritualism needs no genius either. A genius has tremendous intelligence, but it is still of the mind. In effect spirituality is the very nature of things, but Man complicated this simple status by corrupting the minds of others by referring to it as “super nature”, because anything less bore no excitement nor was a challenge to ego. Mind wants for its nourishment something very difficult if not impossible, because only if one achieves the impossible does one feel extra special.

Enlightenment is not of the mind, it is not intellect; it is intelligence of another order. People like Einstein and Russell who missed the journey towards their own selves were great intellectuals, geniuses unparalleled – but all that belongs to the mind. And to be a Buddha or Jesus one essentially needs to get out of the mind. Here, the size of the mind is inconsequential and so is the level of intelligence; the point is one should be out of the mind. Only when one is out of the mind can one be in oneself.

So the quaint paradox is that the more a person is intellectual (a practical asset) the further he goes away from himself, even though his intellect can take him to faraway stars. The genius creates, the meditator discovers. Consciousness has nothing to do with creativity, with inventiveness, art or science; it has something to do with tremendous silence, peace. When an ordinary man meditates, he comes to the same level of blissfulness as say Einstein; his bliss will not be poorer because he’s not as intelligent. Those values don’t matter outside the mind.


The youth therefore are wise to steer clear from the reaches of the unknown and concentrate more on their gifts, because that will lead them to more palpable achievements than meditation. Dreams can be beautiful and nightmares most ugly, but they are both dreams, non-existial mind projections.

In another words, the most uneducated and non-genius can reach enlightenment without possession of any particular talent. This process of self-discovery is a great equalizer, devoid of any distinctions, making each enlightened one part of a clear sky. And Youth are well advised to face more realistic challenges than the illusory portrayal of spiritualism.

Nikhil Sharda


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