You and I

Poem by Vineet Mittal

Without troubled waters,
Give me a moment
I’ll tell you what I see.
Give me your hand
Walk on my troubled waters,

Give me a moment
I will sing you a song.

Give me your love
Let me into your life
It’s all about you and I.
Making it work out right.

If I had a wish
I’d wish for you a kingdom
I will give you everything
If you let me into your heart.
And I only need is your
Words of Wisdom
Maybe I will let you in
Closer to my heart.

At the break of dawn,
When the rooster crows
If I should be gone
You’d know where I’d be heading to.
I found Heaven,
Here with you.

You know I am not the one
To tell you it’s alright
Cause you’d know I
Would just be telling you lies.
You know you’re the only one
That can make a change,
Take a little chance,
Have a little faith.

It’s all about love,
It’s all about life,
It’s all about
You and I.


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