Dreams by Nalini Priyadarshni

I pull your dreams out of my hair
As I wake up each morning

When I hug my knees
I find them still clinging to my fingers

With no more tears to wash my hands
I suck on my finger tips

Once inside my mouth I twirl my tongue
Around their soft bodies

Tasting them before I swallow
Making them mine forever

Who did these dreams belong to….

About the Author

Nalini Priyadarshni is a freelance writer, editor, poet, and amateur photographer who draws her lessons and inspiration from the world that surrounds her. She lives in India with her husband and two feisty kids and likes to travel and work out. Her poems have appeared on The Destiny Poets, Open City 360, Open Road Review besides anthologies like Puppet on a String, Angels vs Demons, The Love Collection, Words on the Winds of Change, The Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam and On The Words of Love, A Poets View of Being, I Am Woman Vol. 2, and Inklinks. For more on Nalini, log on to twilightmusing.blogspot.com.

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