Metamorphosis by Gauri Paduthol

Grey clouds had begun their descent from the hills behind her. It would rain soon, she thought. Well it did suit the occasion!  Everything around her was so picturesque- her laced, creamy gown, the grey bolder underneath her bare feet and the limitless blue-green lake, that seemed to turn grey to match the rhythm of the sky, as it reached her toes. It almost felt like the clouds were carrying a message from the hills and the lake wasn’t pleased. This thought made her smile. After all, it was so much easier to personify nature than to humanise people.

As she stood there, watching nature change phases, she realised that nothing that happened to her would leave a mark after her. She let this thought sink in as she watched the ends of her 2000-dollar wedding dress get soiled in the ripples from the lake. It almost felt like the water knew why she was here- it almost felt like it was calling her home. She gave in and took a few steps into the water. She was ready to leave.

It felt like hours had passed before the water reached her waist. She stood there, almost tired, recollecting every bad turn that lead her to this moment. It is never one major incident, but always a series of small disturbances that deteriorate a person’s faith in mankind and lead them to giving up on life. This makes it difficult for others to understand the troubled soul because most of the turbulence happens beneath the surface. For her, the final touch was being stood up on her wedding day, after years of beloved companionship.

But it didn’t matter now – nothing mattered now- because she was just a fleck of dust in this universe and was ready to return to the Creator. She remembered again- nothing in her life mattered-nothing would leave a mark. It’s funny how the mind works because now, unexpectedly that statement almost felt liberating, as if it gave her the opportunity of a new start. She realised with shock that she didn’t want her life to end this way. The dress, suddenly, felt too heavy, as if it was being pulled down by weights of her past. She instantly pulled down the zip and let it slip down her feet, into the depths of the lake, and with it, the heaviness of heart. Feeling unburdened, she crawled back to the bank and wept till sundown. As the nature changed her colours, the trembling fragile shell of a person was lost in the lake and a pristine mind had emerged- with a clean slate, free from the congestions of the past, ready to document its beautiful future.

About the Author

Gauri is an undergraduate at IIT Bombay, aspiring to be a successful author. She is based in Mumbai. She started out with a personal blog and is now looking for a larger stage to showcase her writing.

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